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Air Con Decontamination

Air Con Decontamination

At Quick Lane, we’re helping you and your car to get summer-ready! If you would like to eliminate all of the funny odours and bacteria that have built up in your air conditioning unit over the winter months, make the most of our Air Con Decontamination service today. 

This will cleanse your system, removing any bacteria and fungus, as well as stopping any unpleasant odours. To start this process we remove and inspect your pollen filter to advise if a new one is required. We then inject the spray through this filter housing, covering all elements of the air conditioning system, including the heat exchanger and drainage to remove all germs effectively. 

In addition to the air-con decontamination, we will also carry out a FREE air-conditioning check, to examine if the vehicles system has any faults or leaks. The Free Check includes:

A temperature check
A refrigerant check
A thorough inspection of the system's key components, 
including the compressor, condenser, drive belts and hoses

If you would like to find out more or get your car booked in, please get in touch with a member of our expert team.