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Guaranteed low tyre prices

At Quick Lane Poulton we have a huge stock of tyres available from a variety of renowned brands, including Continental, Avon, Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli, Nexen, Firestone and many more.

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Our extensive tyre stock is designed to fit every customer’s budget and specific driving requirements, which is exactly why our offering covers everything from cheap tyres all the way through to performance tyres.

At Quick Lane, we also offer a Tyre Price Match Guarantee to ensure that we can get you the best possible prices for quality tyres every single time. If you find a like-for-like quotation that is cheaper than that provided by our team, we will happily match that cheaper price! Terms and conditions apply.

Below are some of the sizes we have in stock, don't worry if you can't see yours, these are just our most common:

205/55R16        225/45R17        195/65R15        225/40R18       185/65R15

205/50R17        175/65R14        195/60R15        235/45R17        195/55R16

185/55R15        215/55R16        215/50R17        185/60R15        235/40R18

225/50R17        195/50R15        245/40R18        205/45R17        215/65R16

215/45R17        155/65R14        195/45R16        185/60R14        165/70R14

195/55R15        205/50R16        175/65R15        205/60R15        205/60R16

255/35R19        225/45R18        185/65R14        225/55R17        195/70R15

165/70R13        175/70R14        165/65R13        205/45R16        155/70R13

215/60R17        165/65R14        205/40R17        215/60R16        235/65R17

235/60R18        165/60R14        245/40R17        215/55R17        225/65R17